Bitcoin: The club

People continue to ask about the value in Bitcoin and Crypto currencies.  Crypto currencies are these new assets which are protected by cryptography which is a very secure system to protect information.

Maybe you should think of Bitcoin as a open club.  Anyone can join this club.  They do this by accepting or spending our token which is Bitcoin.  Just learning how to use Bitcoin wallet software might get you into this club, ready for a good time to do a transaction comes your way.  Some people invested their life savings and have become wealthy and that definitely attracts attention, but maybe being able to provide a product or service at the right time and knowing how to accept Bitcoin could be your chance to earn greater wealth.

How much value would be collected if everyone on earth collected 1% of their net worth?  That is what we are looking at with Bitcoin.  Though some noticed the value and went “All in” with their life savings and became wealthy this is not really the norm.

There is one idea that what we have created is  Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).  No one is the boss, no one is the employee.  We work together.  Sometimes progress takes quite a while, other times improvements and growth seem to race to completion.

So take some time to get educate yourself on crypto currencies and ask yourself, “What can I do for Bitcoin?”