Growth for Maza

For those of you wondering about the price of Maza, I want you to know that I think about it as well.  Right now, the best way forward that I can think of is creating a digital good that we can pay people to work with in Maza and charge people to get access to.  This is simpler than allowing someone to purchase a physical good because the price margin on things in a store are small.  Margin is the difference between the price the store owner had to pay to get the item and the price we pay to take the item home with us.  Also, the store owner needs US Dollars to pay their supplier (right now) so they would have to trade most of their Maza for US Dollars thereby possibly reducing the market value.

The power of Maza is stronger when the seller does not owe many US Dollars to anyone else in the production of their good or service.  This is why I push for digital goods, but some physical goods or services could still be traded.  A service would be something like shoveling snow for someone.  If you own the shovel, then you don’t need to sell the Maza and it’s value to the community has increased.

Digital goods could be an electronic picture,  or maybe some information that was put together, like a book.  Recently the CEO of FaceBook, Mark Zuckerberg was called before Congress as questions grew about the information he had gathered about the websites’ users and if he was selling it.  This is proof that electronic information has a high value now.  We can have services that run with Maza where people pay with Maza for the electronic information and in turn all the people who helped create that information also get paid.

The real question is what electronic information can we create together and who can we sell it to?

The Maza Blockchain

One type of crypto currency has blockchains.  What is a Blockchain?  A collection of transactions, that have been verified by the system in groups called  blocks.

Maza has it’s own blockchain.  It is a computer file where the information is held.  One place to look at it is at or You can look at the “Rich list” that shows the addresss that own the most coins.

Wasu Dute confirms Maza(MZC)

Maza is the currency of the Great Sioux Nation.

“There is a negative event coming and the tribes are going to have to learn how to use this [Maza].” -Wasu Dute

“You are relying on one government…. …There is a whole world out there willing to support you.” – Wasu Dute

Some good take away items from this talk are that it is wise to have a currency that you have control of.  No one can stop a Maza transaction between 2 parties.   Maza is border-less, so people everywhere in the world will be able to use it.  As more people use it, it’s value can increase according to the market.

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South Jersey Meet-up

I went to my first bitcon/ block chain meet up at Royal Ink Tattoo in Somerdale, NJ.  Next month they will hopefully have a Bitcoin ATM for fast purchases.

It’s nice to get out and meet some people who are also interested in Crypto currencies instead of going on to family and friends who are tired of hearing you talk about it.

It was interesting to note that as a group of strangers, unfamiliar with each other, sound investment advice was automatically checked and balanced in the group.  Nothing was pumped.