Maza: My favorite alt-coin

An Alt-coin generally means a Bitcoin clone with it’s own Block chain.  I think that most Bitcoin fans have a favorite alt-coin.  My favorite alt-coin is Maza (formerly known as Mazacoin).

Maza has a low price, but it stands for social justice for Indigenous people.  I think that once we get over the hurdle of the quantity of coins on the market, it will start to pick-up.  It is nice that the barrier to entry is still low and that you can buy $7 worth at a time and that is because of the on-line exchanges’ dust transaction rules.

This is my 2+ year weekly price of 1 Million Maza (as of November 2017).  I use 1 Million because 1 Maza is a fraction of a penny currently.  I get this price by multiplying the price of Bitcoin in USD by the price of Maza in Bitcoin.  I then multiply that number by 1 Million so that I don’t have to deal with the decimals.

BTC/USD x MZC/BTC = MZC/USD ( x 1 Million = USD price for 1 Million Maza)

$10,000 x .00000005 = $0.000500  ( x 1,000,000 = $500 )

Another way to look at it is Maza per USD.

This shows how many Maza you could get for 1 USD for the last 2+ years.   There is a big chance that we won’t really be able to get 5,000 Maza for 1 USD (since May 2017) anymore if the trend continues.   Of course some future goals will be to grow to 1 Maza per US penny and forward!

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