TOR for credit cards?

I had an idea one day that maybe is like The Onion Router (TOR) for your credit card.

TOR hides Internet activity by allowing a network to pass each other’s requests to the server and back to the user. So when you are part of the network, your requests are not your own and someone else’s requests are not theirs.  This adds a layer of protection back to the web for some people.  As all companies try to collect valuable data on who uses their services but some fear the information could be used for negative purposes.

After using Purse for a while, my Amazon suggestions started changing because I had bought varied items for other people in the USA and Canada.  This is a good thing for people who are worried about “Big Data” knowing about all of your purchases.  I guess if someone really wanted to know the truth, they could track delivery addresses instead of purchases, though.

It is interesting, but I guess that is as far as the idea goes.  This is just something else to think about and another reason to consider using bitcoin.