The foundation of your bitcoin empire.

Have you used bitcoin before?  You need to try it.  It doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars to get started on your personal bitcoin empire.  Bitcoin wallet software is free for your smart phone.  Try Mycelium wallet, bread wallet, or  They generate a public address on the network that you can share freely in text messages, web pages like Facebook and in chat rooms.

Just like how people can test the solvency of banks by withdrawing their funds, you can test company services by moving your bitcoin around and watching other services validate your bitcoin amount.

Find a bitcoin faucet website that gives out Satoshis, which are the name of the smallest fraction of a bitcoin that is 8 decimal places long (0.00000001).  Once you build up a large enough balance, you can transfer the Bitcoin from the faucet website to your smart phone’s bitcoin wallet software that you installed earlier.

Don’t put all of your resources into Bitcoin.  You still need fiat money (Government backed paper currency) to pay your daily and monthly bills.  If you decide to trade on exchanges, do not leave more than 10% of your holdings on there over night.  Exchanges close and get hacked without notice.  It is best to spread out your bitcoin over several places.  Your risk should be balanced with your knowledge.  The more that you know about how bitcoin services and economics work, the more you can invest in this space.

Maybe you want to design a Bitcoin Faucet website yourself.  Can you  balance advertising dollars, hosting costs, and payouts to your website users?