The Bitcoin Economy

I’m trying to figure out what I see in Bitcoin that others do not and describe it for you in writing.

Every ten Minutes more Bitcoin are released into it’s economy.  When ever the price stays steady or goes up the world community is buying more than selling (or at least holding it).  Of course there are corrections, because the community doesn’t keep a lot of money on the exchanges/ market right at the current bid price.  I think the economy will continue to grow as people setup services that accept bitcoin and fewer people convert their Bitcoin to US dollars.

If someone designed a very popular video game and many people played it, how much would the items in the game be worth to the players?  We probably would not know till we setup a market for people to buy and sell in.

Maybe the Matrix can not be explained, maybe it has to be experienced.  People ask these questions about Bitcoin to people in the Crypto/ Bitcoin community, but they don’t know how to process the answers that they get.  At that point, it seems that people ask the same questions again and we run out of different ways to answer them.  I would say that they should just acquire a little bit.  You don’t have to spend thousands to try out Bitcoin.  Sending and receiving is basically all it is.

I also don’t think that you can convince me that I am being scammed.  I have made investments with some losses here and there.  I support the Bitcoin Economy.