Maza: Building an economy from scratch

Most would say that the crypto currency space is trying to build a new economy from scratch.  How do you go about doing this?  What are we seeing happen?

You need to create something that can be traded between people for goods and services.  It needs to be hard to counterfeit/ copy and easy to confirm authenticity.   There needs to be way to distribute to everyone.  Then there is also getting the idea in your groups head that it is for their best interest to accept the value or provide a means to test its value.  It is also difficult to get providers of good and services to accept a new payment method or currency.

The tech for the infrastructure is still being worked on.  Even Bitcoin has not reached version 1.0 yet!  I’m not much help in that area.  What I have decided to work on is a structure for using the coin on websites.  You need to be able to run a full node on the network to tap in and relate information to a website structure to send and receive coins.  To me it seems like this information is not open to less technical people.  The coins have value and can add a dimension to weighting of data.

The most obvious use to me is to create on the ground job boards that pass the information of what people want or need done and how much they want it across the Internet.  Also, if enough sites are created and used, we could see a pop in the value of the network.  I’d also like to see some inhabitants of the Reservations look at the use sites and imagine how they would like to see Maza used.

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