Bitcoin – Think barter system.

You should think of Bitcoin as a barter system.  A lot of people don’t want to call it money, so maybe we should entertain that idea for a few minutes.  If you have a skill or an item, maybe you can market that skill in a service or item in trade in exchange for bitcoin.  Let’s ignore the fact that you can trade Bitcoin for fiat in exchanges and have them transfered to your bank account.  What if bitcoin was a community token.  It was made nice enough not to be easily copied.

The community could trade for trinkets or refreshments for this community token in the church parking lot.  It probably doesn’t happen, but imagine the sellers using their tokens to trade a second or third time between each other.  There might start to be some real economic activity beyond the initial deposits of visitors as they enter the church parking lot.  This is how I think of bitcoin.  A lot of people are only thinking of the initial entry price for a visitor of the parking lot and maybe an exit price changing tokens back to cash.  If you focus on trading for value inside this system, the token’s value continues to rise.

So, continue to buy a little fractional of a bitcoin maybe weekly but also look to get involved in the bitcoin economy.  Don’t put too much in any single venture that would make you feel bad if the winds change momentarily.  (By the way, my church has a give away day where people bring items for anyone to take in the community.)