18 Days left! (July 17th)

The Sun Exchange is solar company that I follow and use to try to cover my downside risk in bitcoin.

Right now they are hosting a crowd funding due to end on July 17th.  The funds are going to provide a solar powered Micro grid for Ha Makebe, Lesotho.  Kanana is a Brerea district in Lesotho in which Ha Makebe is located.

They will create a 20 year lease for the solar equipment and at the end, the village will own it.  You will get monthly payments from the lease payments +10%.  It equals out to 3x the initial investment, but it is a bit lower as the South African Rand is dropping in value and bitcoin is going up.  The cost is broken down to about $8USD per cell, so there is a low barrier to entry.  There is a KYC (Know Your Customer) process to receive payments.